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PSA Beckett and SCD are the industry leaders in third party grading of investment quality sports cards.It includes over 400,000 prices for a host of different collectibles including, but not limited to: sports and non-sports trading cards, autographs, unopened packs, tickets, professional model bats and graded baseballs.

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These price guides serve as ready reference for finding the prices of graded sports, non-sports, gaming and trading cards.

The Grading Company has a team of Professional Graders that grade Pokemon Cards, Sports Cards and other Collectible Cards.

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Grading sets the standard for sports card values, and after they are graded they are sealed to maintain that graded condition.

This is the one book you will need to value your collections, make the smart buy and just get in touch with the art of graded cards.

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Track values like a stock portfolio with My Collection.

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There is only one way that I know of to protect your investment and assure yourself that you have the optimum grade for a sports card or any other card collectible and that is to grade your card, and or memorabilia.The Beckett Online Price Guide is sort of like the electronic version of their iconic monthly magazines, except without the size restrictions and time delays.You can Read Online Beckett Graded Card Price Guide 12 here in PDF, EPUB, Mobi or Docx formats.

BGS has been grading cards since March of 1999 and has already encapsulated about 6 million cards, but according to Anderson, its population report number is skewed due to customers who have gotten their cards graded by BGS with its Raw Card Review and Graded Card Review services, as well as corporate orders for card manufacturers.

Search for historical hockey card values based on successful eBay and auction house sales of graded cards.The article lists prices of various gaming cards from Beckett including the 2012 Magic the Gathering Magic 2013, the 2012 Magic the Gathering Avacyn Restored and the 2012 Magic the Gathering Return to Ravnica.

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I had eight of my own cards graded and I decided to report back on response time, grading scale, accuracy, cost, return on investment (how much does a graded card appreciate in value), holder quality, and other incidentals (shipping, packing, customer service).

I never thought it got its just dues as it was pretty good and close on pricing.

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Our sports card price guide is based only on prices realized on eBay and major auction houses.

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