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Melt and reshape glass in the intense heat of a kiln to create art pieces or practical objects like plates and bowls.Popular among glass artists today, as it was in the golden age of Greece and the Roman Empire, this technique softens and shapes glass in a kiln.Introduction to Glass Fusion Art Class During this 3 hour class you will produce a polished masterpiece that will be fired, shaped, and shown off to your friends in no time.

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Glass Fusing: In this tutorial I would like to show an easy way to create some interesting glass objects using a technique called glass fusing.Basically you melt together two or more pieces of glass to obtain your final piece.Between the two glasses you add pie.One Day Introductory Glass Fusing Class usually held on a Saturday once a month.Glassblowing largely supplanted fusing due to its greater efficiency and utility.


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You will create at least 4 fused glass projects in this class.

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Glass fusing is one of the simplest and most fun activities we have.

Join us for this comprehensive glass fusing class for the beginner.Glass fusing is the art of assembling glass components and then firing them in a kiln.

Come join us for a fun filled weekend learning all the tricks of the trade and creating one of a kind fused glass.Call or visit today to learn about stained glass and fused glass techniques or to purchase special art glass and related glass-working supplies.Each class has been designed by a training professional who will help you succeed.

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These classes are a one-on-one taught at my studio in Lakeside.This class is designed to provide you with a foundation in the fusing arts and the prerequisite to rent time in the studio, sign up for other fusing classes, and begin to work independently.Bullseye has the best prices on the best glass fusing kilns, from small to large, tested by years of experience in our studios.

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Glass fusing is the bonding of separate pieces of glass by high heat, administered in a kiln.


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Fusing was the primary method of making small glass objects for approximately 2,000 years, until the development of the glass blowpipe.We teach stained glass classes, fusing glass classes, mosaic glass classes, and we provide free demos to show you how to use the stained glass supplies that you purchase from us.Make one or a few fused glass ornaments and enjoy a holiday spirit We have plenty of samples to choose from that will help to bring your ideas to life.Everything you need to design for your home or your next glass project.

Description Fused Glass Basics and Beyond Class will start you in the right direction for kiln learning.

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Fused glass is one of the easiest and most exciting techniques for beginners.To reserve a Class, please go to our Calendar page and find the event.

Over time she specialized more and more in using Dichroic glass to create one of a kind eye-catching jewellery, vessels, wall and garden art.

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You will be creating a bright colorful contemporary wall clock which will add a splash of color to your home or office.In this 6 hour class you will learn about tools, safety in the studio, how to cut sheet glass, use accessory glass, firing schedules, and shelf preparation.

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In glass fusing, two individual pieces of glass are fused together through a process of high-heat.We will introduce you to the basics of kiln preparation and operation as well as all the stages of glass fusing.A wide variety of glass fusing classes for the beginning to advanced student.